Our Specialties & Methods

Sex Addiction

From what's seen as more "traditional" addiction to sex to the extremely prominent Internet-driven sex addiction, we work in intensive one-on-one or small group sessions to apply proven addiction therapy methods to new or long-existing problems with sexual addiction.

Couples Therapy

Intensive two-on-two sessions work to root out the true causes of couple conflict and get modes of communication, appreciation and a shared sense of accomplishment working in a relationship.

In addition to our depth of experience with general couples therapy,intimacy and other couples issues, we have a focus on sexual betrayal and sexual addiction issues in couples.

Group Goals:

  • Building Trust
  • Releasing Resentments
  • Healthy Sexuality
  • Creating Intimacy
  • Crafting an aftercare plan

Family of Origin Wounds and Trauma

Regardless of where you stand on the nature versus nurture debate, abuse, inherited habits and other issues related to family have a huge effect on the individual for a lifetime. These sessions address the nature of family wounds and trauma, grief, releasing resentment and crafting a plan for health moving forward.

Addiction Therapy

Whether it be a substance addiction like drugs or alcohol, or a process addiction like sex, love or gambling, addiction has a terrible impact on the lives of the addict as well as his or her family and friends. We use methods that have proven successful time and again in real-world practice to help release our participants from addiction.

3-Day Intensives for Individuals and Couples

Intensives allow us to immediately focus on any specific variables involved in an individual's healing from addiction. Intensive, participant focused and tailored therapy allows for the most powerful results in the least amount of time. The results of full-time inpatient and multi-week programs can sometimes be realized with our intensive programs usually lasting a single weekend.

Consulting: Therapists, Clinics and Treatment Centers

Therapists or therapy practices looking to take on new methods of therapy or learn about our therapy strategy can benefit from our consulting. We have a passion for spreading the word about the successes we've realized in the realm of couples and addiction counselling, and we commit ourselves to make this a very rewarding experience for all types of practitioners.

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